Written on 19-10-19

An angel,

Feeling tethered down by the chains of divinity.

Struggling to break through,

The Devil’s false heavens.

Murky clouds oozing with sin,

Infecting the soul with dreary remorse.

All is lost until the sun can shine through,

But how long will that be?

It feels like an eternity,

Though some think it’s only a short while.

The man of darkness feels it is too short,

And extends it through sadistic games.

Tricks of the mind,

Coded in hellish ancient tongues.

None can decipher, but still feels its melancholy. 

But at last, the sun is here,

Shedding light on Satan’s schemes.

At last you can be free now,

Fly away untethered angel;

Ascend to the stars above.

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