“Would You Like to Make a Contract?”

Written on 21-12-2020

“I only ever wish to be myself, 

the constraints of my fleshy prison is a burden to bare heavier than my grieving soul”

“Your skin is a malleable reflection of your soul.

 Once you have the right tools you can really show your true colours, 

and hail thyself.

I can see in your eyes,

that it’s an impossible task.

You feel the weight of arrogant souls pushing you down,

misidentifying your heart and mind for holy points.

But they’re foolish to think they’re holier than thou.

To place superiority over another is an act of cowardice,

evil at its core.

Every being is free to express their inner selves.

I accept your contract, 

but I will require something inconsequential in return.”

“What do you need?”

“The poisoned tongues and blackened hearts of your dissidents,” he said with a devilish grin.

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