Commission Guidelines

Take a gander at the image below for basic commission info, and *THOROUGHLY* read all the info below. Guidelines and pricing are subjected to change, so check back before asking for a commission.


Prices listed on the sheet are a BASE price. The half payment is for the given quote. You’ll pay for any add ons (being revisions) before I send you the full res file. If you need to split payments due to financial issues, I can work with you on that. Things that will raise the prices are:

  • Extra people (75% more, per character)
  • Detailed backgrounds (essentially anything that isn’t a few colours/patterns. Things that depict the environment. The range is $10-$30 depending on your needs)
  • Extra revisions (Major revisions are 75% of the original price each)
  • Needing it done quickly (within a week is 50% more, within a day is 100% more. IF I FAIL TO MEET THE DEADLINE, YOU WILL GET A FULL REFUND OF THE TAX). Please mention if you do have a deadline, especially if it is within the month you need it. You’ll only be charged for within the week.
  • Alternate versions of the drawing (You must mention if you want alternate versions in the initial message. Depending on how big the different versions are, it can vary between $2-$30)

Different art styles will NOT raise the price. If I feel like I can replicate the style of an established media, I’ll do it at no extra cost.

To expand upon refunds, During the sketch phase if you want to cancel, I will give back all you paid. But After the sketch phase I will only refund 50% of what you’ve given me. You still must pay for any major revisions made during the process.

Pixel Art:


The 1st one is a regular style and comes at no restrictions (you can even ask for elements of the other style). However, the 2nd one is the Flipnote style. That comes in a strict aspect ratio of 1.33 (by default comes in a size of 256 x 192 pixels), and you have the option of using 1-4 colours (black, red, blue and white only). Depending on your commission, I may either draw it directly on my DSI, or I may do it on my phone like my other art. If you’re asking for more than white + two other colours I have no choice but to do it on my phone due to restrictions on the application. Some examples:

Regular style:

Flipnote Style:

*Top three were drawn on the DSI, and bottom two were drawn on my phone.

Art Examples:

Do’s and Don’ts:

  • There really isn’t much I’m not willing to draw. I may deny some political art depending on the message, and I may deny some animals. I can work with horses for sure, but I can’t say for sure about others. You’re always welcome to ask if I’m comfortable drawing anything.
  • Please do NOT give me an attitude whilst we’re in communication. These are stressful times we’re in, I get it. However that’s no excuse to take it out on me when I have my own demons to face. I will reject your commission if you’re being nasty.
  • Please provide AS MUCH DETAIL AS POSSIBLE in your initial message. Picture references help tremendously, but I can work with text as well. If you are sending photographs, it needs to have good lighting.
  • Please tell me if you’re interested in working on a long term project, or if you want artwork for commercial use.
  • Do NOT ask for a close deadline after you’ve sent the first payment. I have bad anxiety when it comes to time sensitive tasks, it’s stress inducing to suddenly have this new stressor.
  • Do NOT remove the signature, under any circumstance, or claim that you made it. Giving credit isn’t necessary, but highly appreciated. If you don’t know a specific social media tag, you can credit me by name (ArtisticArmoury), or link directly to my website:

Current Deals:

Check this page periodically for new deals and the likes.

-Character reference sheets (Cell shaded ONLY): two views with unlimited text and drawn reference (whether an object, or reference to scars/tattoos/beauty marks on the body, etc..) for $40, four views with unlimited text and drawn reference for $80. Both come with free backgrounds.

-Custom character designs: $15 for a cell shaded full body drawing, two views for $30, and four for $45.

-$1 Pixel busts (using a base in the example image >)

-Waist and up soft shaded holiday themed art with two people for $30, three people for $40, and four people for $50. Comes with a background.