Current Projects

Long term projects either completed, or in the works.

-“The Corruption”. A Medieval fantasy novel in the works that takes place on the world of Mirthae. An orc with his fox brother and a centaur are tasked with finding out the identity of an unknown serial killer, and bringing them down. Whoever it is keeps targeting humans, and especially nobles. After they dealt with the potential killer themselves, they have no choice but to respond to the call for help. Visit the official World Anvil Page for worldbuilding information.

-“Demonic Miracles”. An action story based in Slenderverse mythos. It focuses on two girls, Hailey and Rachel, and a man named Cbay when a tall faceless man known as the Slenderman stalks them. Rachel is content, but Hailey isn’t on board one bit. She merely wants a normal life where she can focus on becoming a pediatrician. She and her godfather Cbay will work together to figure out the demon’s scheme, and bring him down. The story is currently in progress, and but you can read all available chapters for free on Wattpad.

-“Holy Tempest”. A superhero webcomic where everyone is born with some sort of unique quirk to them. Some have supernatural powers, or just physical mutations. Some aspire to do good in the world. Some with religion involved. As such, many religious based help groups were formed. Whether it’s to fight crime, or even give to the community, these communities are here to help. The Buddhist group located in Long Island, NY, is one of a few groups that will uncover something they weren’t meant to see, but will change everything. Comic has yet to start publishing chapters, but will be available on Webtoons when the first chapter is made. Visit the official World Anvil page for worldbuilding information.

-“Steampunk Syncope”. A fantasy webcomic (Yet to have the first chapter published) that follows a young teen named Elizabeth, who after getting into a car crash, dreams about meeting characters she’s created for cosplay and story purposes. Her friend Tobias is determined to get her to wake up (despite not having any knowledge in the medical field), but in his tries accidentally uncovers a conspiracy. Visit the official World Anvil page for worldbuilding information.

-“Unearthing Hidden Thoughts of a Man Lost in the Static”. A poetry book compilation about my own life experiences and struggles, with topics ranging from mental illness, to family issues, and even being LGBT. It’s the first book in a planned series.